Non-Proselytizing Evangelism: Returning To The Roots Of Anglican-Episcopal Tradition and the Incarnational Heart Of Christianity

Paradoxical Thoughts

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Non-Proselytizing Evangelism…. It may sound like a contradiction in terms, but in reality it is a highly effective, authentically Anglican, way to bring all sorts and conditions of people into the embrace of the love of Jesus Christ.

525 - Ashes to Go 2The idea that evangelism could take place without proselytizing began to take root in the minds of our church planting team as we prepared to launch a new mission congregation from the ashes of a previous mission, a somewhat conservative congregation that had disintegrated in conflict over ostensibly theological differences over human sexuality two years earlier, after demonstrating initial rapid growth. Because our core congregation contained some former members – though none of the founders – of the disbanded mission, we decided that we would learn from the failure of that previous effort rather than ignore it, as…

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