In Defense Of English Majors

by phobrla

Thought Catalog

I recently read that English Lit was the seventh most worthless major you could pick in college.

I loved being an English major. I think it was the second best decision I ever made in college. The absolute best decision I ever made in college was swearing off tequila forever. I don’t care if I win a Pulitzer, that still won’t make majoring in English the best decision I ever made. I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to be an English major. I was exposed to so many great and wondrous things across the entire spectrum of art. I’ve read more prescient works than most people could even imagine. I’ve been able to debate and discuss without any fear of repercussion with some absolutely finest scholars in the country and some of the most brilliant professors I could imagine. And no matter what – if I defended…

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