Phil Vollman Speaks

Let me blurt for a moment…



a word of invitation

a whisper at the door

a beckon from the heavens

a call to something more

i don’t know where i’m headed

i’m not sure if i care;

i’ve a purpose and a message that i will gladly share

one about a world of love

or simply just respect

where kindness we’ll ressurect

a god that sits in every soul

a ceaseless chain of connection

bringing searching hearts together

not wanting our perfection

a power of empathy and integrity shining brighter than the sun

for what can stop the people when they sing and work as one


come, can you hear?

what we thought was dead and gone

has always been so near



Posts of introduction can be so needlessly long. So often, they attempt to do the work of the blog—revealing one’s literary and academic character to the world.

I’m Phil Vollman. I hail from Reston, Virginia; I study English at George Mason University.

This blog is a centralized means of expressing my increasingly cogent ideas, a vehicle for confronting the all-too-binary mode of thinking prevalent today. I will say uncomfortable things for the sake of knowledge.


P. Hurst Vollman